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The Good Vibes mission is to help each participant listen to his or her body- to become aware of where you are holding tension and to discover strength of mind and body, perserence, flexibility and presence of moment. Yoga & fitness should be accessible and fun. I strive to create a space in which every person feels important (because you are) and supported. Ultimately, I aspire to cultivate a culture of growth for mind, body and spirit. 

All classes are small group training of five or less. The intention is to provide a space that will help you thrive to reach your goals, to feel the power of using your body and excite you to come back . This small space also provides opportunity for your closest family, friends or colleagues to reserve private classes. 

Meet Kimberly, Studio Owner

Professionally Certified: 

ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist & Health Coach, with additional specialty certifications in Power Yoga, Core Yoga, Foam Rolling/Athletic Recovery, Group Exercise,  Personal Training and Private/Group Training

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Fitness Channel

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We are excited you are interested in Good Vibes and would love to answer any questions you may have. 


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