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Where To Buy Corten Steel For Landscaping

Our edging comes in a heavier gauge steel than the metal edging that you will find at a home improvement store such as Home Depot or Lowes. Our products are strong, long-lasting, and durable. While the corten does not arrive pre-rusted, the edging will rust naturally once exposed to the weather.

where to buy corten steel for landscaping


Corten steel has grown rapidly in popularity, and many of our Rooted Garden clients also choose corten steel for the beauty of the weathered look. I myself chose to install Corten steel raised beds in my own Nashville garden after growing in cedar raised beds for years.

"... so I assume it would be as dangerous as falling on the edge of a concrete wall." Hardly. An edge whack with something hard and thin will cut, where as with something hard and flat, will smash, the latter being much less dangerous or likely. Many applications of Corten steel have a square tubular edge so it is not, for all practical purposes, as sharp as a thin edge. There are lots of things done in the name of art that turn out to be not good and people eventually learn and steer away from them. Sharp edges are good to avoid.

As a corten-equivalent steel supplier, Central Steel Service specializes in the distribution of specialty weathering steel products for garden design, landscaping and other outdoor applications. Here are 8 ways to use weathering steel in landscape and garden design:

A contemporary garden that weaves together multiple buildings with elegant patterns of stone paving, walls and planters made of colored concrete and corten steel, expansive water features and a gently curved driveway that winds through an orchard of ancient olive trees. All of this is well contrasted with a large, lush meadow planted with wildflowers, perennials and grasses to complete the perfect home setting of peace and balance.

14-gauge steel is flexible enough to bend around garden bends but rigid enough to hold straight, tidy lines. The commercial grade Corten steel garden edging comes with stakes that are easily hammered or pushed into the ground to maintain the desired shape. Your edging will arrive in a raw state and will start to develop its unique patina right away. Define outdoor spaces, separate transitions, create borders around lawn, planter beds, patios, walkways, and trees with corten edging to create that immaculate outdoor space you desire!

Have you been searching high and low for a material to use in your outdoor living space that would spark conversation or have your guests want to reach out to touch, to see what it is? While outdoor features are usually the topic of conversation, you can now wow your friends and family with a material not often used in residential situations, corten steel.

Trademarked as Cor-Ten, commonly referred to as weathered or corten steel, is steel that has an alloy application which creates a surface layer of rust. This oxidized surface eliminates the need to be painted or sealed, forming a stable and rust-like appearance resistant to deeper atmospheric corrosion. Chances are you have seen corten steel before, because it is commonly used in commercial settings like bridges, building facades and art installations. However, this material is finding its way into the residential landscape, and in a beautiful and functional way.

Even though this material has virtually no maintenance and has a lifespan of the ages, it is not completely flawless. Before the steel is installed, your landscape designer should pay attention to make sure the patina process has finished oxidation. If the steel is installed in open-air, exposed to the elements, it could potentially stain the surfaces directly underneath or around it. For example, if the corten steel is used as a perimeter fence with an entrance gate, chances are the concrete below the gate could have rust stains down the road. However, used in a covered outdoor situation like a feature wall underneath a patio pavilion, it is not directly affected by rain and snow, so the fear of run off is minimal.

When you are looking to purchase Corten beams it will be referred to as ASTM A588. ASTM A588 covers high-strength low-alloy structural steel shapes, plates, and bars for welded, riveted, or bolted construction but intended primarily for use in welded bridges and buildings where savings in weight or added durability are important.

Corten steel (or Cor-Ten steel) is a weathering steel that resists corrosion but is not rust-proof. Curved corten steel plates are widely used in landscaping or other outdoor applications including retaining walls, screens, fences, and fire features. Parks feature this aesthetically appealing material along trails and greenways. Landscape architects often include this virtually maintenance-free material for use in landscapes as it has a lifespan for ages.

For this project, corten steel plates were cut to specific shapes and sizes with holes in specific locations per architectural design. Each plate was then rolled to an individual radius to form the curvatures of the retaining walls.

Also known as weathering steel or COR-TEN (Corten), corten steel is a unique alloy that can form a protective layer when exposed to the environment. The outermost layer corrodes and forms a barrier that prevents further oxidation from occurring. This protective layer stops any further rust from forming and keeps the structure intact for years to come.

These alloying elements give corten steel its high strength and corrosion-resistance properties, which make it ideal for use in construction projects like bridges or buildings as well as landscaping projects like sculptures or monuments. Additionally, corten steel can be used in interior design applications due to its aesthetically pleasing rustic look.

Corten steel is a mixture of steel and alloys that varies according to the grade of corten steel. Before exposure to the elements its dull, dark grey surface might suggest the wrong product has been supplied, but over time it will develop a patina that is unique to each piece. Humidity, warmth, and airborne pollutants all contribute to this natural palette, while oxidation will be faster in more exposed locations and if water remains on the surface rather than draining away.

The naturally-occurring protective oxidised layer protects corten against corrosion in most environments. Corten requires no painting or ongoing surface treatment. If the oxidised layer is scratched and exposes new steel, this will rapidly oxidise and blend in with the rest of the surface. The chief reason for its popularity in landscape architecture must surely be the raw, natural beauty of its patina that blends effortlessly with other natural materials such as wood and stone and provides a striking contrast to the lush greenness of foliage.

Corten steel planters bring structure to private, commercial, and public landscaping projects. Available in a range of standard designs or bespoke creations, they can incorporate features such as benches, lighting, and tension cable systems or combine with coordinating screens that add drama and seclusion.

Of course. We have an extensive portfolio of impressive projects we have worked on and can be browsed on our projects page but two projects with extensive corten steel planters are 245 Hammersmith and Royal Mint Gardens. 041b061a72


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