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Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One(2021)

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Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One(2021)

Bruce Wayne attends a New Year's Eve yacht party celebrating Gotham's children's clinic, hosted by Falcone, who calls out Bruce during his speech as the son he never had, angering Alberto. Bruce meets with Selina Kyle, who calls off their relationship due to their conflicting secret identities. Joker attempts to gas the New Year's Eve celebration in Gotham Square using a stolen plane, hoping that Holiday is among the crowd. Meanwhile, Selina meets with Alberto to learn about the Falcone family. Alberto laments about never being respected by his father, who also rejected his fiancée from Oxford University. Batman foils Joker's scheme, and when Joker remarks that he "loves a good puzzle", Batman deduces that Alberto, who would benefit the most from killing his father's enemies and is known for his love of puzzles, is the killer. Returning to the yacht, Batman accuses Alberto of being Holiday, targeting his father's associates to gain power within the family. Alberto angrily denies wanting control of the family business, citing he no longer wishes to be in his father's shadow. As the New Year starts, Alberto is shot dead by Holiday and falls into the water, where his body is cut to pieces by the yacht's propellers. Batman pursues Holiday, but the killer manages to escape via speedboat. As the ship is evacuated, Gordon and Harvey meet with Batman. Batman tells his allies to assign a protective detail to Falcone. 781b155fdc


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