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Tri-BACKUP Pro 9.1.3

1 Credentialing1.1 Credentialing1.1.1 Credentialing Program Documentation1.1.2 Instructors Certification 1.1.3 Timely Filing of Information 1.1.4 Criminal History Records Check 2 Organization2.1 Organizational Structure2.1.1 Organizational Structure 2.1.2 Organizational Chart2.1.3 Direct Authority, Component2.1.4 Supervisory Accountability2.1.5 Responsibility Commensurate with Authority2.1.6 Position Management System2.2 General Management and Administration2.2.1 Training Academy/Client Agency Relationship2.2.2 Risk Management Program2.2.3 Equipment Use Expectations2.2.4 Administrative Reporting Program2.2.5 Accreditation Maintenance2.2.6 Public Information Procedures2.2.7 Public Health Authority2.3 Organizational Integrity2.3.1 Complaint Investigation 2.3.2 Complaint Notification Process2.3.3 Notification of Allegations/Rights2.3.4 Relieved from Duty2.3.5 Records, Maintenance and Security2.3.6 Administrative Review of Complaints 3 Direction and Authority3.1 Role, Value, and Authority3.1.1 Documents to Establish Academy3.1.2 CEO Authority and Responsibility3.1.3 Mission Statement3.1.4 Code/Cannon of Ethics3.1.5 Executive Protocol3.1.6 Written Directive System3.1.7 Dissemination and Storage3.2 Fiscal Management and Academy Property3.2.1 CEO Authority and Responsibility3.2.2 Budget Process and Responsibility Described3.2.3 Requisition and Purchasing Procedures3.2.4 Accounting System3.2.5 Revenue Fund/Accounts Maintenance3.2.6 Audit of Fiscal Activities3.2.7 Inventory and Control3.2.8 Property Issue Procedures3.3 Academy Performance Measurement3.3.1 Performance Measurement Program4 Human Resources4.1 Classification and Delineation of Duties and Responsibilities4.1.1 Classification Plan4.1.2 Job Description Maintenance and Availability4.1.3 Job Analysis4.2 Compensation4.2.1 Salary Program4.2.2 Leave Program4.2.3 Benefits Program4.2.4 Employee Assistance Program4.2.5 Fitness for Duty Testing4.2.6 Outside Employment4.3 Collective Bargaining and Contract Management4.3.1 Academy Role in Collective Bargaining Process4.3.2 Ratification Responsibilities4.4 Performance Evaluation4.4.1 Performance Evaluation System4.4.2 Annual Evaluation4.4.3 Employee Discussion4.4.4 Unsatisfactory Performance4.4.5 Performance Evaluation Report4.4.6 Performance Evaluation Report Comments4.4.8 Recognizing/Rewarding Good Performance 4.4.9 Early Intervention System4.5 Grievance Procedures4.5.1 Grievance Procedures4.5.2 Coordination/Control of Records4.5.3 Analysis of Grievances4.6 Disciplinary Procedures4.6.1 Code of Conduct4.6.2 Sexual/Unlawful Harassment4.6.3 Disciplinary System4.6.4 Role and Authority of Supervisors4.6.5 Appeal Procedures4.6.6 Dismissal Procedures4.6.7 Maintenance/Security of Records4.7 Professional Development4.7.1 Continued Training 4.7.2 Specialized Training Assignments4.7.3 Attendance Requirements and Reimbursement Information4.7.4 Accreditation Process Information4.7.5 Accreditation Manager Training4.8 Contracted Services4.8.1 Written Agreement with Contract Personnel4.8.2 Written Agreement with Client Agencies5 Recruitment, Selection, Employment, and Promotion5.1 Recruitment5.1.1 Recruitment Plan5.1.2 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy5.1.3 Job/Recruitment Announcements5.1.4 Maintaining Applicant Contact5.2 Selection5.2.1 Selection Process Described5.2.2 Applicant Information5.2.3 Notification of Ineligibility5.2.4 Disposition of Records5.2.5 Selection Material Security5.2.6 Background Investigation5.2.7 Background Information Retention5.2.8 Medical Examination5.3 Employment5.3.1 New Hire Information5.4 Promotion5.4.1 Academy Role in Promotion Process5.4.2 Promotion Process Described5.4.3 Job Relatedness5.4.4 Promotion Process Announcements5.4.5 Eligibility Lists5.4.6 Promotional Probation Period5.4.7 Job Related Training6 Instructional Systems6.1 Instructional Systems6.1.1 Instructional System Described6.2 Training Analysis of Needs6.2.1 Task Analysis6.2.2 Needs Assessment6.3 Instructional Design6.3.1 Training Course Procedures6.4 Development of Content and Materials6.4.1 Training Course Lesson Plans6.4.2 Training Course Review Schedule6.4.3 Practical Exercises/Scenario Based Training6.5 Training Delivery6.5.1 Instructor Training Materials6.5.2 Regulation of Instructor Training Aids6.5.3 Pilot Test6.5.4 Adult Learning Techniques6.6 Training Evaluation6.6.1 Training Course Evaluations6.6.2 Measurement of Student Learning/Skill 6.6.3 Measuring Changes 6.6.4 Measuring Effectiveness6.6.5 Information Incorporation into Training Courses7 Training Administration7.1 Administration7.1.1 Surveys7.1.2 Training Data Collection/Submission7.1.3 Training Course/Training Event Lists7.1.4 Access Policy 7.1.5 Training Committee7.1.6 Dissemination of Information7.1.7 Copyright/Plagiarism7.1.8 Relationship with Accredited University/College7.1.9 Accreditation Public Access7.2 Records7.2.1 Privacy and Security7.2.2 Training Course/Training Event Records7.2.3 Training Course Completion Documentation7.2.4 Records Retention Schedule7.2.5 Update Records of Academy Employees7.2.6 Unsuccessful Training Course/Event Completion Notification7.3 Computer Systems7.3.1 Software/Hardware Licensed7.3.2 Computer Viruses7.3.3 Manipulation of Files Policy7.3.4 Computer Use, Policy and Procedures7.3.5 Records Inspection and Security System7.3.6 Computer Backup Procedures7.3.7 Password Access7.3.8 Password Changes7.3.9 Electronic Data Storage7.4 Facilities and Equipment7.4.1 Security Concerns/Measures Policy 7.4.2 Criminal Justice Information System/Database Access7.4.3 Needs Assessment7.4.4 High-Risk Training7.4.5 Learning Resource Center7.4.6 Distance/Distributed Educational Resource Access7.4.7 Equipment Plan7.4.8 Firearms Range8 Instructors8.1 Instructors8.1.1 Instructor Criteria8.1.2 Procedures for Evaluating/Verifying Instructor Qualifications8.1.3 Instructor Training8.1.4 Instructional Guidelines8.1.5 Monitoring and Evaluation of Instructors8.1.6 Instructor Performance Evaluation Guidelines8.1.7 Instructor Certification/Status Training8.1.8 Instructor Responsibilities9 Students9.1 Student Welfare 9.1.1 Overnight Stay Information/Orientation9.1.2 Commuter Student Orientation9.1.3 Person Responsible for Student Welfare9.1.4 Student Training Information9.1.5 Adverse Weather Condition Policy9.1.6 Safety Officer9.1.7 Safety Officer Policies/Procedures9.2 Student Responsibility9.2.1 Student Code of Conduct9.2.2 Student Removal Procedures

Tri-BACKUP Pro 9.1.3



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