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Niamul Quran Bangla Free Download Pdf

Niamul Quran Bangla Free Download PDF

The Quran is the holy book of Islam, revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by Allah through the angel Jibril (Gabriel). The Quran contains guidance, wisdom, and knowledge for all humanity. It is the source of faith, law, and morality for Muslims.

However, to understand the Quran fully, one needs to study its meaning and explanation with the help of authentic sources. One of these sources is Niamul Quran, a popular book on the tafsir (exegesis) and ta'wil (interpretation) of the Quran in Bangla language.


What is Niamul Quran?

Niamul Quran is a comprehensive and detailed book on the explanation and interpretation of the Quran in Bangla language. It was written by Hazrat Maulana Shamsul Haque (rahimahullah), a renowned scholar and preacher of Islam in Bangladesh.

The book covers all the 114 surahs (chapters) and 6236 ayat (verses) of the Quran, explaining their meanings, contexts, implications, and lessons. It also provides insights into the linguistic, literary, historical, scientific, and spiritual aspects of the Quran.

Niamul Quran is based on various authentic sources of tafsir and ta'wil, such as the hadith (sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad), the sunnah (practice of Prophet Muhammad), the asbab al-nuzul (occasions of revelation), the ijma' (consensus of scholars), the qiyas (analogical reasoning), and the opinions of the salaf (the righteous predecessors).

Why should you read Niamul Quran?

Niamul Quran is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the Quran and its message. By reading Niamul Quran, you can:

  • Enhance your understanding and appreciation of the Quran and its teachings.

  • Increase your faith and devotion to Allah and His Messenger.

  • Improve your character and conduct according to the Quranic ethics.

  • Discover the wisdom and beauty of the Quranic language and style.

  • Gain knowledge and inspiration from the stories and examples of the Quranic personalities.

  • Apply the Quranic guidance and solutions to your personal and social issues.

  • Develop a closer relationship with the Quran and make it your companion in life.

How to download Niamul Quran for free in PDF format?

If you are interested in reading Niamul Quran, you can download it for free in PDF format from various online sources. Here are some of them:

  • [Al Quran:Digital]: This is an official website of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Bangladesh. It provides various digital services related to the Quran, such as e-book download, audio recitation, translation, commentary, etc. You can download Niamul Quran in PDF format from this website in three parts: Arabic-Bangla-English, Arabic-Bangla, or Arabic-English.

  • [Quran Bangla translation]: This is an archive website that hosts various Islamic books and materials in Bangla language. You can download Niamul Quran in PDF format from this website in two volumes: Volume I (Surah 1-16) and Volume II (Surah 17-114).

  • []: This is an online bookstore that sells various books and products in Bangladesh. You can buy Niamul Quran in hardcover format from this website at a reasonable price. The book contains all 30 parts (juz) of Niamul Quran in one volume.

We hope that this article has helped you to find out more about Niamul Quran and how to download it for free in PDF format. May Allah bless you with His guidance and mercy through His Book. Ameen.


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