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Brand New! A thin sparkling skinny toe ring stack - minimal look but super durable for long wear! The Sparkle is sure to be a toe ring favorite and it looks so amazing with one skinny in the middle. Mix them up and wear on fingers or as midi rings. When you buy the stack of three rings, you save 10%!



Like finger rings, toe rings come in many shapes and forms, from intricately designed flowers embedded with jewels to simple bands. Fitted toe rings are rings that are of one size, whereas adjustable toe rings have a gap at the bottom so they can be easily made to fit snugly.

Toe rings in India are usually made of silver and worn in pairs (unlike in Western countries, where they are worn singly or in unmatched pairs) on the second toe of both feet. Traditionally they are quite ornate, though more contemporary designs are now being developed to cater to the modern bride. Some 'bichiya sets' may have pairs for four of the five toes, excluding the little pinky. 'Bichiyas' may not be made of gold, as gold holds a 'respected' status and may not be worn below the waist by Hindus, but this is not followed very strictly and toe rings made of gold and diamonds are commonly seen.[3]

Toe rings have other associated benefits according to Ayurveda. Toe rings have been indicated to be worn to regulate the menstrual cycle, and thus increase the chances of conception, as the slight pressure on the second toe ensures a healthy uterus. Some cultures also say that the pressure felt on the second toe helps to ease pain during intercourse. Unmarried Hindu girls may put toe rings on the third toe to help ease menstrual pain.[1][4]

Toe rings are also worn by men in Tamil culture, usually in a simpler design for comfort. The practice of Tamil men wearing toe rings/Metti had a use in ancient times when people used to walk around barefoot. The toe ring was a way for women to identify married men as it was the norm for women to look down when walking.[5][better source needed]

In the 19th century mirror rings (i.e. rings with a small used mirror placed on them) were sometimes worn on the great toe assumed to be for decorative purposes. Nowadays toe rings are available in rubber and non-precious metals and are used for decorative purposes. Traditionally a large ring was worn on the great toe of the left foot to indicate a married status. Some men frequently wore a ring on the big toe for curative purposes or to augment their masculine vigor. These rings were seldom closed circles but open hoops so that they could easily be removed.[6]

Toe rings were introduced to the United States by Marjorie Borell who, after returning from India began manufacturing and selling them in New York in 1973. Her first retail outlet was Fiorucci, a trendy fashion retailer located on 59th Street in New York. The "Original Toe Ring Boutique" sold toe rings in silver, gold and with diamonds. She eventually sold them in Bloomingdale's and many other retail outlets but because her designs could not be patented, she moved on to other ventures but retains the title of Toe Ring Lady to this day.

Toe rings can be found at many state fair booths and beach town shops around the country. Small boutiques in popular tourist locations often offer personal fittings of fitted rings, which can be worn year round. Often the rings are fitted by spraying Windex on the toe, then sliding them on for a tight fit.[citation needed]

Dip your toes in the fun jewelry styles of toe rings. See why fingers aren't the only ones to have all the fashion fun! Explore the many toe rings KAY has to offer, from classic to modern to whimsical. Shop our unique collection of toe rings online or stop by in-store at a KAY near you.

There is nothing quite like walking through the sand at your beach and feeling the warmth on your feet. Or, lounging in a park on a hot summer day as you feel the grass between your toes. The only thing that could make these experiences better? If you added a bit of flair to your feet with our unique toe rings! These are the best way to make your perfect feet stand out even more.

To be clear, I'm not talking here about bichiya, the elegant traditional toe rings of married women in India that "still [carry] tremendous social significance," in the words of a Delhi accessory vendor who spoke to the Hindustan Times. I'm talking about their unglamorous Western counterparts, which Vogue says were first introduced to mainstream American fashion in the 1970s by Marjorie Borell, "an entrepreneurial traveler [who] returned from India and began hawking the accessory at none other than Fiorucci." I'm talking, ladies and gentlemen, about these:

Then I got more rings. Toe rings with stars on them, toe rings that looked like tiny silver braids, toe rings with tacky white daisies. I'd swap them out, but sometimes had as many as two or three on at a time; any more than that and I'd start to walk funny, conscious of them cluttering my toes. Never did it cross my mind I might be making a mistake. Not when a ring snagged on the carpet and (I'm pretty sure) snapped my middle toe bone in two. Not when my toe ring got trapped behind my toe knuckle and I couldn't pry it off, inciting a minor panic attack before a parent doused it in oil. Not when a ring turned my toe an itchy weird gray-green.

I can say one nice thing about toe rings: At least they didn't last long as a fad. The pedal ornaments reached their peak popularity between about 1999 and 2001, after which we collectively agreed, as a country, to pretend like they had never been a thing and to never speak of them again. That is, until the 20 year trend cycle came back around and what was cool became cool again. Plastic chokers are back, as are crop tops and jean skirts. On Wednesday, Steve Madden even announced the return of its ankle-breaking platform thong sandals, officially opening the floodgates to all the bad fashion decisions of yore.

Toe rings, sneaky little accessories that they are, have been slinking back onto feet over the past several years, almost unnoticed except by the few of us who never let our guards down. It's as if toe rings know no one wants them here. They belong back in an era best forgotten, full of Y2K anxiety and Jenna Bush's 2001 court date, at which she famously appeared in "pink Capri pants and a toe ring" (thank you for chronicling that important moment in toe ring history, New York Post).

It was HuffPost that was the first to trumpet the toe ring's return, that lone locust before the swarm. Albeit, it was a bit premature in 2015, with the publication insisting "toe rings are cool again, and it's time you embrace them." Last summer was when enthusiasm really seemed to mount, though. In 2018, Vogue called toe rings a "fun idea" and wrote one of the most abominable clauses I've ever seen: "[T]he little piggy is on trend."

By August, Jennifer Aniston was on the cover of InStyle proudly flaunting a prominent toe ring. Then, at Paris Fashion Week last fall, French fashion house Chloé trotted out "anklets and toe rings ... for nearly every look." By January, Julia Roberts was walking the 2019 Golden Globes red carpet with two conspicuous pieces of jewelry on her feet.

If toe rings are perhaps not quite "in" yet, then they are at the very least a looming credible threat. People are clearly no longer embarrassed being caught out in them. Search "toe ring" on Instagram, for example, and you'll realize ... well, a lot of creepy things, but also that toe rings are somehow acceptable.

Toe rings are the perfect accessory for summer! You can wear them with sandals, flip-flops, or even barefoot. They're also great to show off your pedicure and they come in a variety of styles like gold, silver, black, and more. Check out our collection of toe rings today! We have all sorts of different designs so you'll find one that suits your style perfectly. Whether you want something simple or something flashy we've got it all right here at Claire's! Plus they make a great gift idea too! Get a matching anklet while you're at it for a perfect summer fit!

Disclaimer: Tippy Toes is not responsible for tightness of rings that are purchased for clients and children that are still growing. Client accepts full responsibility for checking ring(s) periodically for tightness. If you feel the ring(s) are getting snug, remove them.

T\u2019s offers a multitude of different toe ring styles made entirely of sterling silver and gold filled metals. These rings are solid all the way around and fitted to your toe. We also have a large collection of jewelry and other gifts to choose from. Our summer hours are 11 am-8 pm Daily. Located in Newport Beach, CA.

Archaeologists have discovered two ancient Egyptian skeletons, dating back more than 3,300 years, which were each buried with a toe ring made of copper alloy, the first time such rings have been found in ancient Egypt.

Supporting the magical interpretation, one of the rings was found on the right toe of a male, age 35-40, whose foot had suffered a fracture along with a broken femur above it. [See Images of Skeletons & Toe Rings]

After Akhenaten's death, this attempt to change Egyptian religion unraveled, as his successors denounced him and the city became abandoned. Even so, Anna Stevens, the assistant director of the Amarna Project, said the newly discovered rings are unlikely to be related to the religious changes Akhenaten introduced.

The findings do appear to be the first copper alloy toe rings discovered in ancient Egypt. "I'm not aware of any, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Bear in mind that if we found something like this in a house, for example, we would have no idea of its purpose,"Stevens wrote in an email toLiveScience. 041b061a72


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