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Outlaws And Angels PORTABLE

In Cuchillo, New Mexico, 1887, a group of five outlaws, led by Henry, are robbing the town bank, which culminates in a shoot-out with the residents of the town. A posse of bounty hunters, led by Josiah, is formed and are in hot pursuit, only being a half-day behind them".

Outlaws and Angels

The outlaws are now down to four after one of the men was shot dead after the robbery. They are met on the path by a couple, who are the aunt and uncle of Charlie, and brought them supplies. They find out that there is a bounty of 8000 dollars on their heads. They shoot the couple so they cannot turn them in for the reward money.

The outlaws are down to three, when one passes out and they shoot him to put him out of his misery. They spot the Tildon farm, where Preacher George and Ada live with their teenage daughters, Charlotte and Florence, and make plan to descend on them at dark.

Hackers: Outlaws and Angels is a Discovery Channel documentary on the outlaws and angels of the Internet covers a wide range of white hat hackers and computer security industry representatives. In this documentary you will learn how the infamous Captain Zap changed the clocks of the telephone system to give discount rates to all subscribers. You will also be exposed to computer forensics shops set up by NYPD and Kroll Associates, as well as security monitoring centers from ISS.

Over the past 20 years a new breed of people has been evolving. They have their own culture, their own technology and their own languages. Among them are pirates and thieves, celebrities and philosophers, lawbreakers and police, heroes and villains. They operate all over the world but their real home is cyberspace. And now there's a conflict in cyberspace between its outlaws and its angels. This is the inside story of the very different missions which now drive the diverse breed of people known to the world as hackers.

Meanwhile, George Tilden (Ben Browder), an attendant, overly better-daughter-dotting father and preacher, keeps serving up absolution to the outlaws, saying that he knows they are good men. Little do they know, that Tilden too requires absolution. 041b061a72


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