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Web Filter Rk 4.4.2 Serial


Web Filter Rk 4.4.2 Serial

XML Schema Part 2 provides a means to define namespaces in XML documents, thereby introducing a namespace-based inheritance mechanism in which XML elements are naturally associated with a namespace and the attributes and children of an XML element are naturally associated with an inherited namespace. The Simple Inheritable Attribute Algorithm defines a mechanism to inherit Simple Inheritable Attributes as children of an XML element. Simple inheritable attributes are handled differently than namespace-based attributes in canonicalization algorithms. In canonicalization algorithms, attributes in a namespace inherit from the namespace of the nearest ancestor where the attribute is declared. Simple inheritable attributes do not inherit from the namespace of the nearest ancestor. Instead, Simple inheritable attributes are inherited from the nearest ancestor where the attribute is declared, even if that ancestor is in a different namespace than the namespace of the attribute. For instance, given the following XML document:

If the canonical XML representation is outputted in a text format that requires a human to read the XML, the human SHOULD be able to read and understand the XML even though the XML was produced by a serialization that was canonicalized (e.g., when the serialization was produced for transmission or storage).

When the canonical XML representation is outputted in a text format for human consumption, then the output serialization SHOULD contain every namespace declaration that was present when the canonical XML was produced. For instance, given the following document, the output serialization SHOULD be as follows:

The SignatureProperties element defines a list of attributes that can be used to describe the signature. Each property is identified by a name, and specifies a type, type URI, and a default value.

When a signature is created, at least one of the properties must be present. The properties specified may be used to influence or control the generation or verification of the signature. The type URI is defined as a URI identifying a Web-based Object Type Definition (WOTD) [WOTD]. Such a definition is included within this document, and will be referenced from WOTD URIs defined later in this section. Individual properties and their official names are defined in the following tables. Property names are case insensitive. If a property is used in more than one other element, then it should be defined in each element where it is used.

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