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Julia has seen things, and built things! Sounds ominous right? She started in Networking early in her career, and drifted through building data centers, hardcore systems engineering, and eventually the automation of the data center infrastructure! She is a Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, and serves on the Board of Directors of the OpenInfra Foundation. When she is not in meetings, she can sometimes be found working on the Ironic Project, which helps facilitate Bare Metal as a Service.

Ominous 16x

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There have been all kinds of quick takes online about what Dr. Burry\u2019s latest portfolio positioning means, and how it is an ominous or bearish signal from the renowned \u201CBig Short\u201D investor. However as is often the case, these latest headlines are somewhat misleading. While Burry did liquidate all of his US-listed equity holdings held during Q1, he has not dumped his entire portfolio - it\u2019s worth remembering that 13F filings offer an incomplete picture of an institutional investor\u2019s portfolio as under SEC regulations, institutions are only required to disclose long positions for US equity holdings (as well as options and convertible positions), while short positions and non-US equity positions are not disclosed. 041b061a72


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