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Where To Buy Wise Popcorn !!INSTALL!!

Wise Foods, Inc. is a company based in Berwick, Pennsylvania, that makes snacks and sells them through retail food outlets in 15 eastern seaboard states, as well as Vermont, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C. Best known for its several varieties of potato chips, Wise also offers Cheez Doodles, bagged popcorn, tortilla chips, pork rinds, onion rings, Dipsy Doodle chips, nachos, Quinlan brand pretzels, and French onion dips.

where to buy wise popcorn

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Wise Foods started as "Wise Potato Chip Company", founded in Berwick, Pennsylvania, in 1921 by Earl Wise.[2] He owned Wise Delicatessen and began making potato chips as a way to make use of excess potatoes,[2] initially cooking them in his mother's kitchen,[2] and then selling them to customers in brown paper bags. At the time, potato chips were generally kept in glass display cases, or cracker barrels, and scooped into paper bags for customers. The bags developed grease spots and did not keep the chips fresh for very long, eventually leading to the development of waxed paper bags. Wise's chips proved an immediate hit with customers and soon the delicatessen owner became a regional potato chip mogul. He decided on an owl as a company mascot, a creature reputed to be "wise," the stylized eye of which remains the corporate logo. He had his first delivery truck by 1922 and opened his first production plant in 1925.[2]

In 1964 the company passed out of the Wise family, when it was acquired by the Borden Condensed Milk Co. In 1968 Wise Potato Chip company, which then sold popcorn, Cheez Doodles, Bravos Tortilla Chips, and other snack foods changed its name to Wise Foods, Inc. In 1989 Wise acquired Moore's Quality Snack Foods, which also produced salty snacks marketing mostly in Virginia and the Carolinas. In 1994, Borden agreed to sell Wise and Moore's to the Pittsburgh Food & Beverage Company, and though the purchase was never completed, the fraudulent behavior the prospective buyers used to try to finance the deal precipitated the collapse of the Pittsburgh conglomerate.

In 2012, Wise Foods was acquired by the Mexican company Arca Continental,[1] the second largest Coca-Cola bottler in Latin America and number three in the world.[6] Arca, which owns several Mexican snack companies, is seeking to leverage Wise's reputation and market presence to introduce its Mexican snacks where Wise has a presence.[7]

It's not the butteriest bagged popcorn I've ever had, but it does taste buttery. The popped kernels were generally of good size, and only one out of the whole bag was burnt. Shop: Buy Wise snacks on Amazon #ad

Wise Foods is based in Berwick, PA. They sell across the US and they make all kinds of products because of their famous popcorn. The company was originally created to sell their world-famous Wise Potato Chips, but they later expanded to make Cheez Doodles, tortilla chips, pork rinds, and popcorn.

The company was really the result of a happy accident, and the popcorn that we know and love today would not have been possible without this little bit of creativity between founder Earl Wise and his mother. Without this little accident, you would not be able to enjoy the yummy popcorn that is so popular today.

In 1964 the company was sold to the Borden Condensed Milk Co. This is when popcorn came into the picture along with the Cheez Doodles and other snacks. The popcorn varieties that were offered at this time were unique and there were more than just traditional butter-flavored varieties offered by the company.

Wise popcorn became known for being fluffy and soft and just the right amount crunchy. They added additional flavors to their lineup and the company prospered until 1994 when a proposed sale to Pittsburgh Food & Beverage Company fell through due to fraudulent behavior on the part of the buying company.

As of 2012, the company has been purchased by Mexican company Arca Continental which is the second-largest Coca-Cola bottler in Latin America. The company continues to sell the varieties of Wise popcorn that people know and love.

The simple designs of the bags of Wise popcorn have always been simple. Even from the years of the waxed paper bags, the Wise logo and little else have been present on the bags. The current packaging is simple and each bag is made with a simple colorized background. Some popped popcorn kernels are on the front of each bag in the right color for the variety in question.

The name of the variety of popcorn is listed on the front of the bag along with statements about the popcorn being air-popped and some facts and information about the popcorn inside the bag. The Wise logo hovers at the top of the bags near the seam that closes the bag.

Wise is sold at many major retail locations like Walmart, gas stations, and also through Amazon. You can get Wise products almost anywhere in the US. You can get bags of varying sizes on their website as well.

These are the most common places to find these snacks readily in the grocery store or on the shelves in a gas station. However, with the ability to buy products online, you can find these chips and popcorn snacks that are not that hard to gain access to no matter where you live.

The original marketing campaign for Wise popcorn had no mascot, but by 1964, they had included their mascot, Peppy. Peppy was an owl and he was featured on all of the packaging materials from 1964 until the early 2000s in some areas.

The merger with Frito-Lay in the 2000s led to the removal of Peppy but the brand made the effort to keep him there in spirit as a tribute to the original spirit of the company. The current logo displays the wise eye of an owl looking out of each package of popcorn or other snacks.

We work directlywith responsible manufacturers who disclose to us how 11 allergens are processed intheir facilities and on the lines where each product is manufactured. We track: peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, gluten, sesame and mustard and can advise you whether products are suitable for your family's dietaryretrictions based on profiles you enter.

Last week I highlighted a few foods that traditionally have gotten a bad rap, including popcorn, eggs, and potatoes. These are foods that people, for one reason or another, often seem to think they need to avoid. Hopefully I helped to dispel some of that thinking.

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