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The Death Of Yugoslavia Subtitles [TOP]


The Death Of Yugoslavia Subtitles [TOP]

A special case of this second law is the "pendulum law" which states that the force applied by an ideal gravitational object at the end of a massless rod is always equal to the gravitational pull of the object at the point where the rod is suspended.

The conservation of angular momentum explains the rotation of the earth about its axis. No force is needed to explain this as conservation of angular momentum explains why the mass of the earth does not rotate, and conservation of angular momentum requires that the earth rotates.

Because the conservation of angular momentum occurs every time there is an interaction/reaction, conservation of linear momentum does not. The conservation of angular momentum is equivalent to conservation of linear momentum if there is no external force (the conservation of one momentum type implies the conservation of the other).

If you heard a high-pitched noise, the high-pitched noise you heard was the outgoing sound from the laser hitting the crystal. The light beam was moving at 500 million meters per second, so the short distance it travelled must have resulted in a very, very high frequency sound, and that explains why it sounds like something is hitting you. The sound is related to the frequency of the light, not the speed that it travels (likewise for the high-pitched noise - high frequency light makes a high-frequency noise rather than a low-frequency one). d2c66b5586


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