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How to Get If God Was a Banker Ebook PDF Free 173 in Minutes

If God Was a Banker Ebook PDF Free 173: A Review

Have you ever wondered what it takes to succeed in the world of banking? Have you ever been curious about the lives and choices of the people who work in this industry? If so, you might be interested in reading If God Was a Banker, a bestselling novel by Ravi Subramanian and Shobhaa De. In this article, I will review this book and tell you why it is worth reading.

if god was a banker ebook pdf free 173


What is the book about?

If God Was a Banker is a fictional story that revolves around two young bankers, Sundeep and Swami, who join New York International Bank (NYIB) in India. The book follows their careers and personal lives as they rise through the ranks of the bank, facing various challenges and opportunities along the way. The book also explores the dark side of banking, such as corruption, fraud, manipulation, and sexual harassment.

Who are the authors?

The book is co-authored by Ravi Subramanian and Shobhaa De. Ravi Subramanian is a former banker who has worked with various multinational banks in India and abroad. He is also an award-winning author of several books on banking and finance, such as The Bankster, The Incredible Banker, and God Is a Gamer. Shobhaa De is a renowned columnist, novelist, and socialite who has written over 20 books on various topics, such as Starry Nights, Superstar India, and Sethji.

Why is the book popular?

The book was published in 2007 and became an instant bestseller. It sold over 100,000 copies in India and was translated into several languages. It also won the Indiaplaza Golden Quill Award for Reader's Choice in 2008. The book is popular because it offers a realistic and gripping insight into the world of banking, which is often glamorized or vilified by the media. It also appeals to a wide range of readers who can relate to the characters and their dilemmas.

Main Body

The plot of the book

The protagonists

The book has two main protagonists: Sundeep and Swami. Sundeep is a smart, ambitious, and charismatic banker who wants to make it big in NYIB. He is willing to do anything to achieve his goals, even if it means compromising his ethics and values. He is also a womanizer who uses his charm and power to seduce women. Swami is a sincere, hardworking, and loyal banker who believes in doing his job with honesty and integrity. He is also a devoted husband and father who loves his family.

The conflicts

The book depicts various conflicts that arise between Sundeep and Swami as they work in NYIB. Some of these conflicts are professional, such as competing for promotions, handling different clients, and dealing with different bosses. Some of these conflicts are personal, such as having different lifestyles, values, and opinions. Some of these conflicts are also ethical, such as choosing between right and wrong, loyalty and betrayal, and greed and conscience.

The twists

The book also has several twists and turns that keep the readers hooked. Some of these twists are surprising, such as discovering the true identity of a mysterious woman who seduces Sundeep, or finding out the real motive behind a major fraud that rocks the bank. Some of these twists are shocking, such as witnessing the death of a key character, or learning the truth about a secret affair that changes everything.

The themes of the book

Ethics and morality

One of the main themes of the book is ethics and morality. The book raises several questions about what is right and wrong in the context of banking and business. For example, is it acceptable to bend the rules or break the law to achieve success? Is it justified to lie, cheat, or steal to get ahead? Is it fair to exploit or harm others for personal gain? The book shows how different characters answer these questions differently, and how their choices affect their lives and careers.

Ambition and greed

Another theme of the book is ambition and greed. The book portrays how banking is a highly competitive and lucrative industry that attracts many people who want to make money and fame. The book also shows how ambition and greed can drive people to do extreme things, such as taking risks, making enemies, or losing friends. The book also illustrates how ambition and greed can have positive or negative consequences, depending on how they are balanced with other factors, such as ethics, values, or relationships.

Friendship and betrayal

A third theme of the book is friendship and betrayal. The book depicts how banking is a complex and dynamic environment that requires trust and cooperation among colleagues and partners. The book also reveals how friendship and betrayal can occur in unexpected ways, such as between friends, rivals, mentors, or lovers. The book also demonstrates how friendship and betrayal can have lasting impacts, such as creating bonds, breaking hearts, or changing destinies.

The style of the book

The language and tone

The book uses simple and clear language that is easy to understand and follow. The book also uses informal and conversational tone that makes the readers feel like they are listening to a friend or a colleague. The book also uses humor and irony to lighten the mood and add some spice to the story.

The structure and pace

The book has a linear structure that follows the chronological order of events from the beginning to the end. The book also has a fast pace that keeps the readers engaged and curious. The book also has short chapters that switch between different perspectives and scenarios.

The humor and irony

The book has a lot of humor and irony that add some fun and flavor to the story. The book uses witty dialogues, funny situations, and sarcastic comments to make the readers laugh or smile. The book also uses irony to create contrast or contradiction between what is expected and what actually happens.


Summary of the main points

In conclusion, If God Was a Banker is a fascinating novel that gives a realistic and thrilling glimpse into the world of banking. It tells the story of two young bankers who have different personalities, goals, and values. It shows how they face various challenges and opportunities in their careers and personal lives. It explores various themes such as ethics, morality, ambition, greed, friendship, and betrayal. It also has an engaging style that uses simple language, informal tone, fast pace, humor, and irony.

Personal opinion and recommendation

I enjoyed reading this book because it was entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking. I liked how the book captured my attention from the start to the finish with its intriguing plot, characters, themes, and style. I also liked how the book made me think about some important issues that are relevant to our society today. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading fiction that is based on real-life situations. I would also recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about banking or business in general.

FAQs - Q: Where can I get If God Was a Banker ebook PDF free 173? - A: You can get If God Was a Banker ebook PDF free 173 from various online sources such as websites, blogs, forums, or torrents. However, you should be careful about the quality and legality of these sources. - Q: What is the genre of If God Was a Banker? - A: If God Was a Banker is a novel that belongs to the genre of business fiction. Business fiction is a type of fiction that focuses on the aspects of business such as finance, management, marketing, or entrepreneurship. - Q: Who are the target audience of If God Was a Banker? - A: If God Was a Banker is suitable for anyone who is interested in reading fiction that is based on real-life situations. It is especially appealing to those who are curious about the world of banking or business in general. - Q: What are some of the benefits of reading If God Was a Banker? - A: Reading If God Was a Banker can provide several benefits such as entertainment, education, and inspiration. It can entertain the readers by making them laugh, cry, or feel excited. It can educate the readers by giving them some insights into the workings and challenges of banking and business. It can also inspire the readers by showing them how different people cope with different situations and make different choices. - Q: What are some of the drawbacks of reading If God Was a Banker? - A: Reading If God Was a Banker can also have some drawbacks such as bias, exaggeration, or simplification. It can be biased by presenting only one side or perspective of the story. It can exaggerate by making some events or characters more dramatic or sensational than they really are. It can also simplify by omitting some details or complexities that are relevant to the story. - Q: How can I get more information about If God Was a Banker or its authors? - A: You can get more information about If God Was a Banker or its authors by visiting their official websites, social media pages, or blogs. You can also read their other books, interviews, articles, or reviews. 71b2f0854b


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