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Mtpredictor V7.rarl

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Mtpredictor V7.rarl

MTPredictor V7: A Professional Trading Software for Futures, Stocks and Forex

MTPredictor V7 is a stand-alone version of the MTPredictor software, which is designed to help traders find trading opportunities and control their trading risk. MTPredictor V7 can read real-time data directly from real-time data feeds including IQFeed, as well as EOD Data from ASCII and MetaStock formats[^3^].

MTPredictor V7 has a unique set of tools (both automatic and manual) that can help traders with various aspects of trading, such as finding trade setups, determining position size, assessing risk/reward, managing stops and targets, and identifying support and resistance levels. MTPredictor V7 also has advanced features for more experienced traders, such as Elliott Wave analysis, Decision Point (DP) support/resistance zones, Multiple Time Frame (MTF) analysis, and automatic trade management[^2^].

MTPredictor V7 is suitable for traders who trade futures, stocks or shares and forex markets. It does not matter what markets you trade, MTPredictor V7 is there for you. MTPredictor V7 can help you find trades that have a high probability of success and a low risk of loss. MTPredictor V7 can also help you avoid trades that are too risky or have a low reward potential[^2^].

If you want to learn more about MTPredictor V7 and how it can help you improve your trading performance, you can visit the official website of MTPredictor at You can also download the software from the MTPredictor support portal at You will need a valid license key to activate the software[^1^].

MTPredictor V7 is a powerful and professional trading software that can help you achieve your trading goals. Whether you are a beginner or an expert trader, MTPredictor V7 can provide you with the tools and guidance you need to trade successfully. Try MTPredictor V7 today and see the difference it can make in your trading[^2^].

MTPredictor V7 Features

MTPredictor V7 has a number of features that can help traders with different aspects of trading. Some of the main features are:

Automatic Trade Setups: MTPredictor V7 can scan the market and identify trade setups based on various patterns and indicators, such as Elliott Wave, Volume Spike, Holy Grail, Decision Point (DP), and more. These trade setups are marked on the chart with clear entry, stop and target levels. MTPredictor V7 can also alert traders when a trade setup is found[^2^].

Manual Trade Setups: MTPredictor V7 also allows traders to manually draw their own trade setups using the MTPredictor tools, such as the Wave Price Target (WPT), the Risk/Reward Zone (RRZ), the High Gear (HG), and more. These tools can help traders measure the potential reward and risk of a trade, as well as find optimal entry and exit points[^2^].

Multiple Time Frame Analysis: MTPredictor V7 can help traders analyze the market from different time frames and perspectives, such as the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly charts. MTPredictor V7 can also show the support and resistance levels from higher time frames on lower time frames, such as the DP zones and the WPT levels. This can help traders align their trades with the bigger picture and avoid trading against the trend[^2^].

Automatic Trade Management: MTPredictor V7 can help traders manage their trades automatically by adjusting the stop and target levels according to the market conditions and the MTPredictor rules. MTPredictor V7 can also trail the stop behind the market as it moves in favor of the trade, locking in profits and reducing risk[^2^].

Elliott Wave Analysis: MTPredictor V7 can help traders apply the Elliott Wave theory to their trading, by automatically labeling the waves on the chart and showing the possible wave scenarios and projections. MTPredictor V7 can also help traders validate their wave counts using the Isolation Approach and the WPT levels[^2^].

MTPredictor V


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