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Blade Trinity 2004 720p BluRay X264 DTSNODLABS REPACK


Blade Trinity 2004 720p BluRay X264 DTSNODLABS REPACK


Blade: Trinity - The Final Chapter of the Vampire Hunter Saga

Blade: Trinity is a 2004 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Blade. It is the third and final installment of the Blade film series, following Blade (1998) and Blade II (2002). The film was directed by David S. Goyer, who also wrote the screenplay and co-wrote the story with Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan, the creators of Blade.

The film stars Wesley Snipes as Blade, a half-human, half-vampire hybrid who hunts vampires with the help of his mentor Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) and a new team of allies called the Nightstalkers (Ryan Reynolds, Jessica Biel, Natasha Lyonne, Dominic Purcell, and others). The plot revolves around Blade's confrontation with Dracula (Parker Posey), the original and most powerful vampire, who has been awakened by a group of renegade vampires led by Danica Talos (Parker Posey).

Blade: Trinity was released on December 8, 2004 in the United States and received mostly negative reviews from critics, who criticized the script, direction, acting, and humor. However, some praised the action sequences, visual effects, and Snipes' performance. The film grossed $128.9 million worldwide against a budget of $65 million.

If you are a fan of Blade or vampire movies in general, you might want to check out Blade: Trinity on Blu-ray. The Blu-ray edition features an unrated version of the film that runs 10 minutes longer than the theatrical cut, as well as a DTS-HD Master Audio 6.1 surround sound track that enhances the immersive experience. You can also enjoy various bonus features such as audio commentaries, deleted scenes, alternate endings, behind-the-scenes documentaries, and more.

You can download Blade: Trinity on Blu-ray from various torrent sites using the keyword "Blade Trinity 2004 720p BluRay X264 DTSNODLABS". This is a high-quality rip that preserves the original aspect ratio of 2.35:1 and has a resolution of 1280x720 pixels. The file size is about 4.29 GB and the video bitrate is about 3 Mbps. The audio track is encoded in DTS format with a bitrate of 1.5 Mbps and a sampling rate of 48 kHz.

However, before you download Blade: Trinity on Blu-ray, please be aware that torrenting is illegal in many countries and may expose you to legal risks or malware infections. You should always use a VPN service to protect your privacy and security when downloading torrents. You should also respect the intellectual property rights of the filmmakers and support them by purchasing or renting their work legally.



Blade: Trinity is the final chapter of the Blade trilogy, which began in 1998 with the first film directed by Stephen Norrington and written by David S. Goyer. The film introduced Blade as a dark and gritty anti-hero who fought against the vampire underworld with his signature weapons and skills. The film was a surprise hit that earned $131.2 million worldwide and spawned a cult following.

The sequel, Blade II, was released in 2002 and was directed by Guillermo del Toro and written by David S. Goyer. The film expanded the mythology of the Blade universe and introduced new characters and enemies, such as the Reapers, a mutant strain of vampires that preyed on both humans and vampires. The film was also a commercial success that grossed $155 million worldwide and received positive reviews from critics and fans.

Blade: Trinity was originally conceived as a spin-off film that would focus on the Nightstalkers, a group of young vampire hunters who were inspired by Blade. However, due to contractual obligations, Wesley Snipes had to reprise his role as Blade and the film became a third installment of the series. The film was also plagued by production problems, such as creative differences between Snipes and Goyer, budget cuts, script rewrites, and lawsuits. As a result, the film failed to live up to the expectations of many fans and critics.

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