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Mike Oldfield - Discography (1973-2005)


Mike Oldfield - Discography (1973-2005)

Mike Oldfield is a British musician and composer who is best known for his groundbreaking instrumental album Tubular Bells (1973), which became a worldwide hit and launched the Virgin Records label. Oldfield has released more than 25 studio albums, spanning various genres and styles, from progressive rock, folk, ambient, electronic, new age, world music and classical. He has also composed several soundtracks for films and documentaries, such as The Killing Fields (1984), The Space Movie (1979) and The X-Files (1998).

This article provides an overview of Oldfield's discography from 1973 to 2005, highlighting some of his most notable and influential works. It also includes a list of his singles and EPs, as well as his awards and certifications.

Mike Oldfield - Discography (1973-2005)

Studio albums



Chart positions



Tubular Bells

UK: 1AUS: 1CAN: 1FRA: 9NLD: 2NZL: 25US: 3

BPI: 9Ã PlatinumARIA: 3Ã PlatinumMC: 2Ã PlatinumNVPI: GoldRIAA: GoldSNEP: Gold


Hergest Ridge

UK: 1AUS: 12CAN: 91NLD: 12US: 87

BPI: Gold



UK: 4AUS: 60CAN: 74NLD: 2SWE: 42US: 146

BPI: GoldNVPI: Gold



UK: 14AUS: 54GER: 41NLD: 27NZL: 19NOR: 14SWE: 32

BPI: Platinum



UK: 24AUS: 98GER: 11NOR: 24US: 174

BPI: GoldBVMI: Gold


Light + Shade

UK: 175FRA: 78GER: 26SWE: â




Oldfield has composed and performed music for several films and documentaries, often using themes and motifs from his previous albums. His first soundtrack was for The Exorcist (1973), which used the opening part of Tubular Bells as its main theme. Although Oldfield did not receive any credit or royalties for this, the film helped to popularize his music and boost his album sales.

In 1979, Oldfield was commissioned by NASA to create music for The Space Movie, a documentary celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Oldfield used excerpts from his albums Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge, Ommadawn and Incantations, as well as some new material, to accompany the footage of the space missions. The soundtrack was not released as an album until 2015, when a DVD and CD were issued.

One of Oldfield's most acclaimed soundtracks was for The Killing Fields (1984), a film about the Cambodian genocide. Oldfield composed an original score that blended orchestral, electronic and ethnic elements, creating a haunting and emotional atmosphere. The soundtrack album also included a vocal version of his hit single Moonlight Shadow, sung by Edda Dell'Orso.

Other films and documentaries that Oldfield has contributed music to include The X-Files (1998), Tubular Bells II Live (1992), Tubular Bells III Live (1998), The Art in Heaven Concert (2000), The Millennium Bell Live in Berlin (2001) and Música es... Mike Oldfield (2005). 0efd9a6b88


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