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Subtitle The Phantom Of The Opera 2004 1080p Bl...

Subtitle The Phantom Of The Opera 2004 1080p Bl... -

Subtitle The Phantom Of The Opera 2004 1080p Bl...

It doesn't happen very often, but I was touched by this film. It's not the first adaptation of the story that I've seen, but it sure is one of the best. In fact, only the silent version starring Lon Chaney beat this version. That version is of course an absolute masterpiece, but I easily dare to say this is one too. It doesn't strictly follow the original storyline as you know it but that alright. You're just staring at it with your mouth wide open (at least, I was...) Claude Rains is just perfect in his role as the phantom. Because of his flawless performance, you feel what he feels and you have get the idea you would take the same actions as he does in this movie. Rains plays Eric Claudin. A rather anonymous violin player in the famous opera of Paris. In all the years he worked there, he grew a strong passion and love for the young and talented singer Christine Dubois. He even wrote a concert for her. But, he's getting older and he gets fired. His only hope now to keep seeing Christine, is to sell his concert and let her sing the main voice. When he gets the idea a production company stole his music, he snaps and attacks a man. During the struggle, Claude gets mutilated horrible by burning acid. From then on he lives in the opera building does everything to make Christine a star...even if that means other people have to die in a brutal way. I can't praise this film enough. It's just perfect in my opinion. The acting, the story, the shock-effects and above all ...the wonderful music. I must admit, if you're not a big fan of opera music, this film will certainly be annoying to you. But hey, you can expect classical music in a version of Phantom of the Opera right If you can appreciate a bit of opera singing, this film will have another great extra value to you. I say SEE IT. My humble opinion on Phantom of the opera = 10/10 . A must see !!!

This 1943 film of Phantom of the Opera has much to like, but also has a lot wrong. Far from a bad film but underwhelming as well considering the talent involved, for fans of opera and visually beautiful films this is for you, for horror fans and purists not so much. Before getting on the many things good about Phantom of the Opera there are things that did let things down. The pacing is plodding too often, not helped by direction that was very skillful but lacking urgency. The comedy scenes vary in effectiveness- too much of it was not very funny really- and would feel much more at home in an Abbott and Costello film, the type of humour did feel out of place here for a story that is essentially a horror drama based on a disfigured man and opera.Nelson Eddy was a wonderful singer, with handsome looks and a nice personal charm but his acting is wooden here, even more so than his performance in Naughty Marietta. And the horror is under-utilised and significantly diluted. The scariest it gets is the phantom's entrance, the death scenes are somewhat silly, with a lack of tense atmosphere and build-ups, and the phantom's face reveal is not shocking enough, even Foster didn't look that shocked.For all the film's problems though, you can't still dismiss it entirely. The lavish production values are just gorgeous to look at and in producing them there is nothing overblown or over-produced about them. It's beautifully shot and filmed as well. The music is sublime too,- then again you are talking to a massive classical music and opera enthusiast who'd if she wanted to would spend hours talking about music, operas and performers she loves- the opera scenes are crucial to the story and are sung, produced and choreographed with so much brio and attention to detail. There are even orchestral pieces like Tchaikovsky's Symphony no.4 adapted into song, that was interesting to hear.Suzanne Foster is beguiling in every single way, and Nelson Eddy gives some of his best ever singing here.(and this is coming from someone who is a big fan of his voice,


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