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Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez

Project:Playtime Minecraft Map Beta 0.1

This will be one of the last updates with 32-bit Windows support. According to the Steam hardware survey 32-bit Windows is approximately 0.22% of players. The final update with 32-bit Windows support will be sometime in early August, and will also remain permanently available on a Steam beta branch for anyone returning to the game on a 32-bit PC.

Project:Playtime minecraft map beta 0.1

Download Zip:

Unturned is currently using Unity 2019 LTS. Upgrading to 2020 LTS seems to be stable now and fully backwards compatible with existing content. If you would like to give it a try it is on the "unity-2020" beta branch, though there are still some known issues to fix next week. Assuming there are no unexpected surprises *fingers crossed* it should be in the next update.

On the technical side: prior to this update the game was still using IMGUI from Unity 4. Unity replaced IMGUI with uGUI in 2014-2015, and are now even planning to replace uGUI with "UIElements". With this in mind I decided to abstract the underlying Unity UI implementation, so it will be easy to integrate UIElements once it is stable. I had been wanting to upgrade from IMGUI for years, but with the amount of work required it kept getting pushed down the road. In the end if took one month of refactoring, and then one month of intermittent development on the beta branch.

This update serves primarily to upgrade the game engine from Unity 2018 LTS to 2019 LTS. It should be a seamless transition and does not require changes from modders. The main benefit will be the upcoming user interface rework, which is available on a beta branch if you are interested in trying it out:

This update is mostly behind-the-scenes preparation for making Steam Networking V2 the default. There is a fix on the Steam client beta for the dedicated server certificate expiry for any hosts using the beta.

The game has been updated from Unity 2018 LTS to 2019 LTS on the "unity-2019" Steam beta branch. There are still a few bugs to sort out, but it takes advantage of several new performance optimizations if you are curious to test it.

In order to narrow down bugs with the rewrite this update still defaults to the old Steam network, but contains a huge number of changes to the game-level netcode to support the transport refactor. If there are big issues with the update it will be rolled back, but it has been stable in beta so far.

The "network transport layer" is responsible for carrying data between your client and the server. Ever since 3.0 began development it was hardcoded to use Steam Networking V1, but is now being rewritten to support alternatives like the New Steam Networking V2, and generic sockets for offline LANs. If you are a plugin developer or interested in trying out the beta, read more here: GitHub Issue

Important news for workshop creators:Sometime before the end of January 2019 I will need to update Unturned to Unity 2017.4 LTS. When that happens, the new version will be available on a beta branch for a couple weeks before transition to the default release branch.

The majority of my time has been going into 4.x trying to get a really polished beta ready, but I've also been working with several teams on upcoming content: in the near future we should have the 3rd Greece update, and another 2+ maps from new curated teams are nearing completion.

Workshop support. With the level editor, custom content and localization support already in it is a natural step to allow you to easily upload/download them. This will likely begin with localization and work its way up to other types of content. The beta group required to view the workshop can be found here.

With this update the majority of core Workshop features are implemented! If you head on over you'll soon find tons of new content to play with. To view it you will need to join the Unturned Workshop beta group here: _Workshop

For users wishing to continue playing 2.0 or go back for nostalgia sake it's still available by visiting the steam library, going to Unturned's properties and joining the "classic" branch under the betas tab.

Not even remotely close - the most popular of those versions by far is 1.7.10, due to the vast modding community*, largely in part due to how long 1.8 took and the changes it made. This is also evidenced by the fact that almost all reports of graphical rendering issue on recent Intel drivers mention 1.7.10 (example), only a few mention older versions even though it affects all versions back to 1.0.0 (interestingly, not Alpha or Beta versions). Beta 1.7.3 is also undoubtedly far more popular than any of those versions, just look at the number of recently active threads for Beta 1.7.3 mods in the modding section (Better than Adventure, BetterBeta, Back2Beta). There are also two recently active threads for Alpha mods, and while there are threads for versions like 1.6.4 they aren't for recently updated/actively developed mods (other than my own, but the amount of activity it gets is only a small fraction of the Beta mods, despite being so much more feature-rich, both in base vanilla content and added content).*One thing to note is that the general trend for newer versions is to make small mods that only add a few things, instead of giant content mods (e.g. TMCW adds over 500 blocks/biomes/items/mobs/etc, or mods like OreSpawn), thus the relative popularity of newer versions is less than the chart indicates.Another way to look at the popularity of various versions is the number of servers they have (at least servers tracked by - the majority are on the latest version (an interesting observation one might make from this data - do server owners think that only 1.19.1, and not later versions, has chat reporting? This also shows that 1.12.2 is currently about 4 times more popular than 1.7.10, both mainly due to mods; 1.8.8 (why did 1.8.9 never take off?) would be mainly due to the combat update): 041b061a72


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