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Red Giant Universe 2.2.2 Win X64

AEX v2.2.5 CE:Open GLAll of the Universe plug-ins run on the GPU, making them incredibly fast.Host ApplicationsAdobe After Effects CC 2017 or laterAdobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 or laterApple Final Cut Pro X 10.2.3 or laterApple Motion 5.3.2 or laterAvid Media Composer 8.2 or later*Magix VEGAS Pro 14 or laterDavinci Resolve 14 or laterHitFilm Pro 2017 or later*Prism Displacement, Compound Blur, and Picture in Picture are not supported in Avid Media ComposerOperating System: Windows 10 (64-bit only)v2.2.2 CE:Host Applications:- Adobe After Effects CC (2018-2014)- Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018-2014)- Avid Media Composer 8.2 or later (Prism Displacement, Compound Blur, and Picture in Picture are not supported in Avid Media Composer)- Magix VEGAS Pro 14- Davinci Resolve 14- HitFilm Pro 2017- Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.2.3 or later- Apple Motion 5.3.2 or laterGraphics Card:- Red Giant Universe requires a GPU to render. The minimum GPU is an Intel HD 5000 integrated graphics chip. For best Universe performance, please read the FAQ for recommendations on GPU cards.Operating Systems:- Windows 7 64-bit Home or Professional- Windows 8- Windows 10

Red Giant Universe 2.2.2 Win x64

شرکت سازنده: RedGiantنام انگلیسی: Red Giant Universeشماره نسخه: vv2.2.2 CE/2.2.5 AEXحجم فایل: 1200 + 1210 مگابایتتاریخ انتشار: 09:15 - 1397/12/2 2019.02.21منبع: پی سی دانلود / www.p30download.irامتیاز: 3.5/5

While forcing the Angel out of NERV headquarters, Unit-01 runs out of battery power. Resolving to still save Rei, Shinji proceeds to return to a "berserker" mode and defeat the Angel, while making a mental connection within the Angel to save Rei. The result is Unit-01 and Shinji, now fused into one being, combining with the Angel's spattered core, which takes the form of a giant Rei, into a being described as being close to "godhood." Ritsuko declares that the Third Impact is about to occur, while Gendo and Fuyutsuki note this is the result they have hoped for and Kaji comments that SEELE will not be happy with this occurring before the other units are ready.


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