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Magazine Lolita Color Special

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Magazine Lolita Color Special

Marissa Kochman, a fellow Lola who lives in New Jersey, said although her Lolitas are fond of Lolita, she does not define herself as a Lolita. Kochman explained that she has always felt unhappy and uninspired with Lolita clothing. While she considers her own Lolitas amazing and unique, she also appreciates the joy the styles can bring to others.

Kochman originally became inspired by Fairy Kei in high school and then by Decora in college. Once she started wearing Lolita in her high school years, she found that the styles were very much liberating and made her feel happy, something she had not felt in years. She was able to wear whatever she wanted to, be it the Lolita she made or wearing a different kind of makeup she loved.

Shaw said she first started wearing Lolita in high school. Like Kochman, she said she had always felt a certain level of unease with Lolita. And when she wore Lolita, she said, she felt comfortable in her own skin.

Choom said that when she moved to New Jersey, she felt a negative impression in regards to Lolita fashion. However, through traveling abroad, she has found that even people in Japan have a sense of nonchalance when it comes to Lolita. Like Shaw, Choom said she has always felt a sense of unease wearing Lolita, especially since her Loli friends were all older and much more serious in their fashion sense.

Kochman said she always wore the usual Lolita fashion like black or white with minimal designs, but the more she wore Lolita, the more she realized that the choice to wear Lolita was an expression of her feelings and not her clothing. 3d9ccd7d82

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