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You can find many free coloring pages in this app, from hearts and roses to cupids and stars. There are even some pages that will help you to express your feelings and send them to the one you love. You can send them as a postcard, letter, or even a message.

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Love Stories: Virtual Match is like a collection of interesting realistic romance novels. This is where the stories will lead you to new emotional frames. Each story has a theme about a particular issue. The main character can start at different levels. Surrounding friends, enemies, and relationships are constantly changing. Sometimes you will be a lowly person who is often ridiculed. But sometimes, you will be a final boss who can manipulate all relationships. Money and status are not factors that can determine love. It also depends on the ingenuity and luck of each person.

I think Jack killed himself in the end. The guilt he feels for turning Anna into a monster and getting Grace in trouble is too much to bare. He wakes up in a field, both of the people he loves are there. It's not too long after what happened, probably within a few months since Jack's leg is still messed up from the incident. The two girls have sort of put the whole thing in their past, and have absolutely no scars to show of the incident. Grace even has her teeth back. This is exactly what heaven would be like for Jack, alone, sitting peacefully underneath a tree in a field with the two girls he loves the most. And do you really think Anna would have magically stopped being a psycho because Jack reveals that he never had a plan? That the most important thing to ever happen in her life wasn't planned, that it just happened for no reason? No, not after all that trauma. She had to bury the trauma of her parents death with the sheep and wolf story to begin with, the only thing that kept her going was believing that Jack was a hero, that he was a wolf. She wouldn't have been fine, she would have done something drastic. Not to mention Grace Anna kidnapped her and pulled her fucking teeth out. Anyway, that's my theory. Would love to hear what you guys have to say!

I must say it was a really good. Normally I get bored with Visual Novels because of how slow they are however It had be engaged the whole time. Somehow I guessed the "twist" it just clicked with me . The music is real good too. played all the endings loved the happy one . This game really is more like a life lesson . wish to see more games from you.

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I really love this game. It's heavier on the characterization, which I like. I truly felt like I got attached to Jack, Grace, and Anna. It's nice that we actually learn about the characters before making the choices at the end. And about the choices, they're actually easy to make instead of the usual visual novel where you just kind of guess which choice works in your favor, though it also fits with the game on how you learn more about them before actually choosing which person to end up with.

Now I'm going to talk about my choice of ending and more about the plot, so spoiler warning: Grace just wasn't the type of character I could imagine Jack living with, so I went to the ending where I killed her off and stayed with Anna. Kind of an asshole choice from me, to be honest, but I did read the wolf and sheep story wrong at first and thought Jack killed Anna's family (which ended up being right), and I liked Anna over Grace (and Anna, by the way, is an amazing yandere that reminded me of that one Stephen King novel, Misery, so good work on building her up that way), so that ended in the most logical conclusion I could think of. As for why I saw it as Jack killing Anna's family, I'm not sure. The thing that struck me hard was the fact that he didn't actually see his memories, rather taking the book at face value and mistaking the wolf for Anna. And again, I read it wrong at first, so when the plot twist came, I wasn't too surprised. Oops.

Hey there, this is the one and only VN that I deeply curious about. I've only play for 1 hour or so but there are so many questions going on in my head. Can someone spoil it out for me? About Jack, Anna and Grace past? I like how you develope the character emotions, especially Jack. The atmosphere in this game always gives me a chill. I love it, kudos for you Andy!

I'm sure I'll have more to say when I get through to some kind of ending, but for now I just wanted to say that this game has me on the edge of my seat every time I load it up... and I love/loathe every second of that in equal measure!

When I first read the title I thought it was gonna be a weird game where you meet girls and choose whether you would kill or love them. I didn't not realize the beauty of a game that I was about to step my foot in. This VN felt like I was addicted to an anime and I couldn't stop going through it till I reached the end (which totally took me longer than it should have). I'll be honest, the little happy ending you added in the end felt kind of off. I definitely wouldn't forgive someone for taking my mans, tying me up, and then pulling out my teeth lol. Anyways, I'm excited to see what else you make with your amazing writing skills!

First and foremost i'd like to preface this by saying that this was my first VN. I don't really have much experience in this field and the only reason i downloaded it was because the runtime wasn't very long, i made this account just to make a comment here expressing my thoughts.

NOTE: world, lore, and characters are all original works belonging to bennabun and their respective muns. fanworks are very appreciated (we'd love to see them!), but please do not RP any of the characters or make any RP groups based-off Saint Spell. thank you!

Thank you for such a wonderful game! It took me two days to finish every route. I must say that I enjoyed many of the characters, and of course there were some routes that made me feel uncomfortable. In Eleni's and Siri's routes, I wish there were a bit of a hint or clue that they are together at the beginning, so that I would know to avoid their routes. To be honest, I'm very sensitive with a "threesome" or being a "third person" in a relationship, whether intentionally or unintentionally. The thought of being a third person in their relationship makes me really uncomfortable, especially when it's clear that they are very possessive over each other. It's quite ironic how the MC finds out about their relationship in the ending (after going through all the storylines and trying to raise their favorability) - it lowkey felt like a slap in the face lol. While most of the routes made me feel that the MC is loved, whether platonically or romantically, Eleni's and Siri's routes made me feel like the MC is just a tool to make the other person jealous, and it definitely left a bitter taste in my mouth. I get that it might not be what the writer was trying to convey, but from a player's perspective, the game lost me from there. Well, it was an interesting ride nevertheless, and I really appreciate the time that the developers and writers took to make this game. I hope you receive lots of love!

spinel : " yeah, something like that. I suppose i write about that wich i would myself love experience most- yet, in my years of life, have come across the least. Fiction blooms from the root of truth, MC, like all things. Auntheticity, reality, true emotion. These are all that's worth writing about : the heart "

I've played this game a lot, still trying to get all the endings but I love it! Simon's route is my favorite, he is my beloved, he is so precious and I just want to hug him. Thanks a lot for making this game.

AAAAAAHH IMSOSAD im not sure if its a bug but i cant get dinae's good ending :((( i just started playing this game and i loved the casual playful teasing that we get with dinae so i tried to romance her after a couple others and i kept failing lol. i couldnt find any playthroughs on her route so i tried following the guide! i followed the guide and it was all going well until the fifth meeting. it seemed like she was going to tell me she liked hanging out with me so i was pretty excited and pumped and ready to date her!!! (SHES THE CUUUTESTTTT) but every choice i pick would just result in her getting mad at me and storming off and it would be the bad end. whats even more confusing is that none of the choices for my fifth meeting were the ones that showed up in the guide so i would just keep getting the bad end no matter the choice :"(( . has anybody gotten her good end? i dont know why its different from the guide. is it a bug? (SHES SO CUTE PLS HELP ME)

This is so much fun???? I got all of the characters' endings, 10/10. Every route was unique and interesting in it's own way. I definitely preferred the more serious routes (the sad ones, the ones involving romance, and uh... however you describe Bugbear's route). BUT the sillier ones (i.e. Noah's) were also a nice break/change of tone, especially if you just finished one of the heavier routes. I also like how not all of the characters' successes ends result in romance, and how some of them that DO hint at romance imply that the romance will develop more in the future (since a week is a pretty short time to fall in love with someone, haha). I love this game so much I feel like at some point when I'm less tired, I may write some of my thoughts about each of the characters. For now, I'll say Bugbear's and Luca's routes are really cool and well-liked for a reason. Also Areve's route is super underrated - omg I love her so much, she's so interesting and I would love to learn more about her. Might replay her route at some point haha.


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