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Buy Metal Letters


Buy Metal Letters

Our most popular seller by far, aluminum lets you choose from natural satin, anodized, or polished finishes as well as custom-match PMS colors. Aluminum letters provide a solid metal letter at a cost effective price.

We are happy to try to accommodate rush orders on dimensional sign letters, if possible. Please give us the date you need the signage in hand, or installed, and we will try to accommodate. Also please fill out the quote form with your exact details before calling. Rush production fees will apply. Expedited, overnight and 2-day, shipping options are also available.

We can provide material finish samples of all of our cut metal materials (Aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless, copper, and Cor-ten steel) as well as acrylic, and metal laminates. We can also provide samples of cast aluminum, cast bronze and fabricated stainless letters. The sample chips are ideal to see and feel the materials, and test how they look on your wall and with your decor.

Considered the premium in sign lettering, cut metal letters immediately increase the value of an entrance, storefront or lobby. Solid metal letters and logos can be made from Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Bronze, and Brass. A rainbow of gorgeous finishes enhance the look of these best-selling sign letters. Finishes range from brushed satin, rusted, painted, and powder coated, so you can get the metal sign you envision. Design a metal sign online with your favorite color and a large assortment of fonts and size options.

We are sure you will find the best metal letters for the wall, rooftop, or building sign for your organization. Contact us with any questions about what material and cut would be best for your project and budget, and we will be happy to help design a new metal sign.

When you use words like "Upscale," "Elegant," and "High End" to describe the type of letters you are looking for or ask about high end fabricated metal sign letters, Gemini Sign Letters can help. Our Stainless Steel Fabricated Sign Letters are premium letters that have been expertly crafted to meet your exacting specifications. With lead-free silver solder and sharp 90 angle edges, our Fabricated Metal Letters offer the ultimate in beauty and production standards.

We provide you with a chart of our current letter sizes to help you choose the correct sizes for your Fabricated Metal sign letters. Some styles are exclusively uppercase fonts while others are also available in lowercase letters. The sizes of upper and lower case letters are already matched for you. If your design calls for letters with a non-traditional font match please contact Gemini at 800-270-3343.

Various installation methods are available for fabricated metal letters depending on your application. We also provide you with installation instructions and hardware mounting supplies for all of our letters including metal laminate.

Letters are made with standard stainless steel alloy #304, which offers excellent corrosion resistance and effectively combats tarnishing under most circumstances. In addition, We offer titanium-coated stainless steel for the ultimate "gold" letter finish available. This material is comprised of #304 stainless coated with a thin layer of tinted titanium. Due to the fabrication process, the edge of all faces on letters and logos have thin lines of exposed #304 stainless that will be buffed smooth on polished letters, or stroked on satin letters to maintain consistency in appearance.

Whether your project begins with your original artwork or adapts a standard style, Gemini Sign Letters will reproduce your design to your exact specifications, using precision-guided lasers, jigsaws or routers to cut the letters, logos and shapes from thin gauge sheets of single-directional stainless steel or premium titanium-coated stainless steel.

For most letters, 22-gauge material provides the proper balance of strength and weight, while some larger letters require 20-gauge material to provide adequate strength. The letter returns are produced from narrow band material or cut to size based on the desired letter depth and bent to the contour of the laser-cut faces to produce a hollow-backed letter with 90 angle edges that have clean, crisp corners and hand-soldered using a lead-free silver solder. Tests on our welds indicate the ability to withstand temperatures below -40F and exceeding 350F.

All fabricated metal sign letter products are either buffed, stroked or painted per specification. Our standard polished material is a high grade of single directional polish. Virtually no grain is visible to the naked eye. We also offer a truly non-directional polished material at a slightly higher cost for the most discerning customers.

Brackets are soldered on the inside of these metal sign letters to receive threaded studs. This involves a welded strap joining the letters' returns with a stud-welded boss to accept mounting studs centered in the strap. This method produces a strong fabricated sign letter by giving strength to the already formidable welded side returns. Fabricated Metal Sign Letters are recommended for retail or architectural letters that are at least 1/2 thick, where high-end quality fabrication is required, and where metal finishes are desired.

Fabricated Sign Letters can also be used in combination with neon lights or LEDs to create internally illuminated signage. Common users of these "halo lit" letters with neon and LED lighting include museums, office complexes, financial institutions and other buildings that require an extremely high-end look for their signage.

Stainless Steel Letters, Numbers and Logos Ideal for the most professional businesses. Water jet c304 stainless steel lettering provides amazing results. All stainless steel letters, numbers and logos are passivated. Now Available in 70 plus fonts, natural satin and polished finishes, in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" thicknesses. Stainless Steel Lettering is easy to install with studs and an installation pattern, showing you precisely where to drill your mounting holes.

Businesses prefer stainless steel letters and numbers for their signs as they look professional andtimeless. If you are looking for these elegant and classic sign letters and numbers, then you have cometo the right place. At Buy Sign Letters, we take pride in offering the best quality stainless steel lettersand numbers meeting the highest standards of design and production. The best part is that we offerthese sign letters and numbers at the most affordable rates in the market.Buy stainless steel letters and numbers from Buy Sign Letters at the best rates.

Easy InstallationYou can easily install our stainless steel letters and numbers using studs. Our sign letters and numberscome with an easy to follow installation pattern. You can follow this pattern to find out where to drillholes in the wall. Once you have drilled the holes, you just have to mount the letters and numbers onthe wall with studs.

Installation Method: Stud for Brick Stud for brick is a great option to choose for brick applications. Studs are placed behind the letters to line up with the mortar joints of the brick wall. Installation patterns are available and highly recommended for this installation method. This Method is only available for standard brick with mortar joints at 2 5/8'' on center. Studs are randomly placed, patterns are needed for each set of letters ordered.

Great for corrugated buildings or walls. This installation method combines studs and padsto leave the letter across uneven surfaces. Installation patters are Available and highly recommended for this installation method. Simply apply the pattern to cardboard and level against the wall. Then drill where the studs are marked, adjust pads and studs to fit the wall appropriately, fill holes with 100% pure silicone and apply the letters. Studs are randomly placed, patterns are needed for each set of letters ordered

Installation Method: Stud Mount With NutsStud mount with nuts can be used in many ways. If you can access the wall behind theletters you can use the nuts behind the wall to secure the letters. Also, if you have a corrugated balding you can use the nuts on the studs to stand the letters off the wall inthe low spots. Use Stud mount with spacers for for flat non corrugated walls. Studs are randomly placed, patterns are needed for each set of letters orderedAvailable for:

Cast Aluminum Letters & Numbers are ideal when depth is required. Using state of the art Electric Furnace Foundries cast aluminum letters, numbers and logos can be reproduced with the purest quality. Painted finishes are sprayed with a robotic arm, then the enamel is baked providing outstanding results. We can also supply custom pms colors, logos and fonts. Aluminum letters and logos are easy to install with studs and an installation pattern,, showing you precisely where to drill the mounting holes.

Anodized Cast Aluminum LettersAnodizing of cast aluminum letters is important as it hardens them to the right amount and also givesthem a surface that can be colorized. At Buy Sign Letters, we perform anodizing ourselves to ensure thehighest quality. This also gives you color consistency in all your letters, something that other companiesfail to give. You can pick any enamel finish that you like and we will create it for you. 59ce067264


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