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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition repack Mr DJ with lucky patcher

If you are looking for a way to play one of the most popular and acclaimed role-playing games of all time, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, with all its official and unofficial content, then you might be interested in this repack by Mr DJ. This repack includes the Legendary Edition of Skyrim, which contains the base game and all the official DLCs: Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. It also includes the official HD Texture Pack, which enhances the graphics of the game, and several unofficial patches, which fix bugs and improve compatibility. Moreover, this repack comes with a lucky patcher, which allows you to modify the game files and apply various tweaks and mods to customize your experience.

This repack is lossless, meaning that nothing is cut or recoded from the original game. It is also precracked, meaning that you don't need to install any crack or activation code. The game version is, which is the latest and most stable one. The voice and subtitle language is English, but you can change it to other languages if you have the corresponding files. The final size of the repack is 13 GB, which is much smaller than the original game size of 23 GB. The installation time is about 30 minutes, depending on your system specifications.

To install this repack, you need to disable your antivirus before running Setup.exe (important) to avoid any error message. Then, you need to follow the instructions on the screen and select the install directory and the necessary software (DirectX and Visual C++). After that, you can play the game from the desktop shortcut using run as administrator. You can also open the Skyrim Launcher from the desktop shortcut and click on Data Files to enable or disable any of the content included in this repack. You can also use the lucky patcher to apply various patches and mods to the game files.

This repack is based on the torrent by DeZoMoR4iN[^1^], which you can download from RARBG[^1^] or The Pirate Bay[^2^]. You can also watch a video tutorial by The Skroologist[^3^] on how to download and install this repack on YouTube[^3^]. If you like this repack, please give feedback and seed it to help other users. If you like the game, please buy it and support the developers. If you have any problems with this repack, please contact Mr DJ on his official Facebook page 'Mr DJ repacks'.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a game that offers endless possibilities for exploration, adventure, and creativity. You can create your own character and choose from hundreds of skills, perks, and spells to customize your playstyle. You can also join various factions and guilds, such as the Companions, the Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood, or the College of Winterhold, and complete their quests and challenges. You can also become a vampire or a werewolf, and experience their unique abilities and drawbacks. You can also craft your own weapons and armor, enchant them with magical effects, and brew potions and poisons to aid you in combat.

The game world of Skyrim is vast and diverse, with five major cities and dozens of towns, villages, dungeons, caves, ruins, and landmarks to explore. You can travel across snowy mountains, green forests, barren tundra, and volcanic ashlands. You can encounter various creatures and enemies, such as dragons, giants, trolls, bandits, necromancers, and daedra. You can also interact with hundreds of NPCs, who have their own personalities, stories, and quests. You can also get married, adopt children, buy houses, or build your own home with the Hearthfire DLC.

The main storyline of Skyrim revolves around the return of the dragons, who were thought to be extinct. You are the Dragonborn, a mortal with the soul of a dragon, who can use the ancient power of the Thu'um or shout. You can learn different shouts from the words of power scattered across the land or from the Greybeards, a mysterious order of monks who liv


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