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[S2E8] You're Mine

[S2E8] You're Mine >>>

[S2E8] You're Mine

Villanelle drops her wig as she follows Eve, who wants to go back to the hotel to get the recordings, which is all they have now. Villanelle warns her that it is not safe. Eve says this all can't have been for nothing. People died. She left Hugo bleeding to come help Villanelle while she wasn't in any danger. Villanelle says the whole operation doesn't matter anymore but Eve disagrees. Villanelle tells Eve she would be dead in five minutes without her. If Villanelle gets shot, she wants to know it is all Eve's fault. Noticing how determined Eve is, Villanelle agrees to help her. She says she will find them a car and be parked outside the hotel in five minutes. She warns Eve not to be brave. They part ways.

Well, as it happens, Catelyn released him. "For the girls. [...] Killing Jaime Lannister would not buy life for [Eddard and Torrhen Karstark]. But returning him to King's Landing may buy life for mine." Lord Rickard, of course, is covetous of his vengeance, and Robb has to agree that it was a treasonous act. He stalks out, ordering guards put on his mother day and night.

Adaptation Distillation: a fair bit is cut from Theon's subplot, particularly a character named "Reek" who was in the dungeons at Winterfell. For the show, his role has been divided up between Dagmar and, uh, someone else who we'll find out a lot more about next season. To learn about the original, see our A Clash of Kings Recap. A Father to His Men: Ned Stark told Robb that a lord should regard his smallfolk as his children, and worry about them accordingly. Ask a Stupid Question...: Talisa asks Robb how he is, and he replies that he's arrested his mother, his sisters are held captive by the Lannisters, Theon betrayed him and took his brothers captive, and he doesn't know what he needs to do. Talisa apologizes for asking a stupid question, but Robb doesn't hold it against her. As You Know: Stannis and Davos discuss more of their backstory while sailing to King's Landing. Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: Yara gives a humiliating "The Reason You Suck" Speech to her little brother, but ends up quietly imploring him to come home with her. "Don't die so far from the sea." Badass Boast: Jaime says there's only three men in the kingdom who might be able take him. Brienne replies with her own Badass Boast.Brienne: All my life men like you have sneered at me, and all my life I've been knocking men like you into the dust. Chekhov's Gun: That lion pendant Tyrion gave Ros last season comes back to haunt her, when Cersei takes it for a sign that she's Tyrion's new sweetheart. A Child Shall Lead Them: It's mentioned by Stannis and Davos that Robert had bestowed Storm's End to Renly when he was only a boy. The Chains of Commanding: Right after discussing the trope, Robb Stark has to put his own mother in irons for treason. Country Matters: This episode is remarkable for the most uses of the word in a single episode thus far in the show. Surely the best use of the word is from Yara, who asks Theon, "Are you the dumbest cunt alive" Mainly because the entire audience shouted "YES!!" at the telly. Didn't Think This Through: Theon faking the deaths of Bran and Rickon turns out to be an example of this. Any statement he might have made by the act is overshadowed by how - in the eyes of everyone else - he sacrificed two very valuable hostages, and in doing so earned the hatred of the entire North. His greater plan of taking and holding Winterfell for the Greyjoys also turns out this way. It may be the heart and strategic center of the North, but it's also hundreds of miles inland, making it far too impractical for a seagoing people like the Iron Islanders to hold, especially now that Theon's galvanized the North against him. Yara realizes this, and makes clear that she doesn't intend to help Theon garrison the castle. Yara: We're islanders, baby brother, had you forgotten that Our strength comes from our ships. And now that you've decorated


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