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Autodesk Maya

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Autodesk Maya

The difference between Maya and Maya LT: Maya LT is a free version of Autodesk Maya. It does not include version control features, and import/export filters available in the Standard version. It has limitations of using only one project at a time, and has the ability to export only to FBX and AC3D from which we’ll be creating a mesh. There’s no support for 3D printing. Maya Standard, the lifetime version of Autodesk Maya, is a commercial version of Maya that includes many features of Maya LT. It has multi-users, multiple project support, full 3D printing support, and many other features. Extra cost-based upgrades are available if one is using the full version on a regular basis. Support for 3D printing is available.

What is the difference between the standard version and trial version of Autodesk FBX Review? The standard version of FBX Review provides sophisticated functionality for creating, reviewing, archiving, and sharing 3D assets, automating common processing tasks and providing an end-to-end review of the 3D asset pipeline. The trial version of FBX Review is a limited version of the standard version. d2c66b5586


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