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Mark Gavrilov
Mark Gavrilov

Download HDN PLT TNK Zip \/\/FREE\\\\

Applications and permitting for Retail Fireworks Sites are now on a downloadable and fillable PDF. Please download the Fireworks application PDF and Instructions to apply and obtain your permits. On the dropdown please select your sales period and fill out the form. The PDF can be emailed directly to BCFMOFW@BEXAR.ORG. Payments must still be delivered to our office, in person, at 9810 Southton Rd., San Antonio, TX 78223. Contact 210-335-0301 or 210-335-0306. Retail Fireworks Permitting Application (PDF)

Download HDN PLT TNK zip

Every now and then, you might need to save an image from a document you receive. You go to right-click an image, but there's no way to save it to your computer. So how do you download an image from a Word document or save an image from a Google Doc if right-clicking it isn't working?

In some versions of Microsoft Word, you can just right-click an image and save it to your device. However, if that's not the case with the version you're using, and you find yourself trying to figure out how to download images from your Word document, then we've got you covered.

So if, for instance, you want to link or download a clip art or gif, simply follow the links to the different categories or use the search function at the top of the screen. On the detailed image page, you can use the download button, or simply link the image directly with one of the HTML codes provided. By the way, we welcome direct linking and copying! 041b061a72


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