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Transforming The Patient Experience: A New Para...


Transforming The Patient Experience: A New Para...

Most organizations are taking new and alternative approaches to address overwhelmed practitioners and frustrated patients who suffer from chronic conditions. A new model of healthcare being introduced into primary care practices uses a team-based approach and relies widely on health coaches to support the patient and the provider. Health coaches offer support and guidance to the patient transforming their experience and overall wellness.

Patients value the interpersonal aspects of their health care experiences. However, faced with multiple resource demands, primary care practices may question the value of collecting and acting upon survey data that measure patients' experiences of care. The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) suite of surveys and quality improvement tools supports the systematic collection of data on patient experience. Collecting and reporting CAHPS data can improve patients' experiences, along with producing tangible benefits to primary care practices and the health care system. We also argue that the use of patient experience information can be an important strategy for transforming practices as well as to drive overall system transformation.

Plus, with emerging methods such as mobile apps and QR codes now available, digital payments offer more options and benefits than ever before. Here are the top ways providers can use them to transform the patient experience:

But, despite the fact that health systems realize the importance of improving the patient experience of care, they often use patient satisfaction as a driver for outcomes. This article challenges this notion, instead recommending that they use patient satisfaction as a balance measure; one of five key recommendations for improving the patient experience:

Innovations in healthcare technology are revolutionizing the patient experience. From interactive tools that improve wayfinding and reduce stress for patients and visitors, to real-time location service technology that improves patient flow and reduces wait times (positive reviews start to skew negative when wait times exceed 20 minutes, according to the 2015 Annual Wait Times Report), healthcare organizations can use innovative technology to enhance the patient experience: 59ce067264


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