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Windows Server 2012 Foundation Iso Downloadl [BEST]

The Foundation edition is more suitable for small businesses that have as many as 15 users. It is preinstalled on a hardware server that has one physical processor and RAM memory of around 32GB. It works perfectly in environments that need various basic features including printer sharing, file sharing, and remote access. However, it lacks most of the advanced features of Windows Server 2012.

Windows Server 2012 Foundation Iso Downloadl

Windows Server 2012 R2 or release 2 had been released to overcome the networking and storage problem. So, another way to solve that problem is to purchase software or acquire separate storage system. Now system administrator can easily deploy it on the virtual server, physical server or on the existing domain. Previously you can deploy it only one domain controller which had small office network. Remote access of server is allowed after entering username and password so that user can remotely work on the server for multiple purposes. If the user wants to make his server VPN, then it is best because of it is fully compatible with VPN needs and requirements. Server storage had a management technology, which let you create multiple users and assign them limitation quota. If in case storage quota is full, system admin gets a notification about it.


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